Sunday, December 30, 2007


No.. dont worry .. this post is not going to be about this small zingy tablet/gadget which seemingly busy people carry with them in order to make them even more busy and important .. ;)

PDA .. in local parlance is Public Display Of Affection.. and with the holiday season on in full force, makes it all the more in-your-face...

Now, dont get me wrong here.. i believe all the hot dudes and dudettes out there that the undying and so deep that several titanics can drown in it.. but come on.. gimme a break.. being in love in fine... expressing love is even more fine.. but snuggling up and cosying up in public places!!! no guys .. that sucks!! hello! what are lodges/hotels/rooms made for..

Take a look around.. its everywhere... malls/cybercafes/trains!!! and obviously.. the multiplexes.. hell they even have couple seats these days.. how considerate is that now..

In aamchi mumbai.. we have the favourite lovers hangout spots.. the Bandstand and the Bandra Reclamation.. go have a look.. alone.. mind you.. u will find scores of couples all cosying up behind umbrellas, long jackets.. duppattas.. anything i tell ya..

I believe an expression of love can also be just holding hands.. or just being there.. in company of that special someone..

What say people.. agree or not?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Everyone of us is special

Just came back .. after seeing taare zameen par... its beautiful...hats off aamir... for believing in the fact that each child is special... and why only a child.. i believe each and every one of us is special.. just that we are so engrossed in the rigours of this cruel world.. we are running ... god knows where..

i believe i am special. and so are u.. trust me. u are special.. because.. there are people in this world who care for u.. who love u... for what u are... and u r special to them... wheather u r bad or good... family n friends stand by.. no matter what... they dont care for wht is right or wrong.. its an unflinching support..

never underestimate it... god bless... we all are Taare zammen par...

lets be proud of ourselves...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

मैं और मेरा रूममेट अक्सर ये बातें करते हैं,
घर साफ होता तो कैसा होता.
मैं किचन साफ करता तुम बाथरूम धोते,
तुम हॉल साफ करते मैं बालकनी देखता.
लोग इस बात पर हैरान होते,
उस बात पर कितने हँसते.
मैं और मेरा रूममेट अक्सर ये बातें करते हैं.

यह हरा-भरा सिंक है या बर्तनों की जंग छिड़ी हुई है,
ये कलरफुल किचन है या मसालों से होली खेली हुई है.
है फ़र्श की नई डिज़ाइन या दूध, बियर से धुली हुई हैं.

ये सेलफोन है या ढक्कन,
स्लीपिंग बैग है या किसी का आँचल.
ये एयर-फ्रेशनर का नया फ्लेवर है या ट्रैश-बैग से आती बदबू.
ये पत्तियों की है सरसराहट या हीटर फिर से खराब हुआ है.
ये सोचता है रूममेट कब से गुमसुम,
के जबकि उसको भी ये खबर है
कि मच्छर नहीं है, कहीं नहीं है.
मगर उसका दिल है कि कह रहा है
मच्छर यहीं है, यहीं कहीं है.

तोंद की ये हालत मेरी भी है उसकी भी,
दिल में एक तस्वीर इधर भी है, उधर भी .
करने को बहुत कुछ है, मगर कब करें हम,
इसके लिए टाइम इधर भी नहीं है, उधर भी नहीं.

दिल कहता है कोई वैक्यूम क्लीनर ला दे,
ये कारपेट जो जीने को जूझ रहा है, फिकवा दे.
हम साफ रह सकते हैं, लोगों को बता दें ………….लोगों को बता दें

this is not my composition... but i share the sentiments here.. :(

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Its that time of the year...

Its that time of the year again… the time of misty mornings and dewy nights.. the time of late mornings and early nights..

Its also the time of Christmas carols.. of singing “Joy to the world”.. and “Silent Night”

Christmas has always been special to me.. we have this huge church bang opposite our home.. and I remember this very distinctly…when I was a kid.. every year on christmas eve me and my sis would head to the church.. she would literally drag me to go with her every year.. come to think of it I now feel it had more to do with her checking out the hot dudes there.. ;).. the first sight of the church will stay with me for life.. The arches.. the huge piano.. the wooden benches..the beautiful Christmas tree.. decorated with ribbons, and the imposing structure of Jesus Christ… The childish curiosity waned away once I gew up.. and Christmas became a excuse to get up late and not go to office… its strange… when u step into the corporate life there is only one thing which excites you more than anything… its Sunday… ask anyone who is slogging his ass six days a week,.. and he will tell you how much u long for a Sunday .. and u keep looking at that desktop calendar from Thursday… counting down to the weekend.. life really revolves around it…

Anyway.. this time of the year is also of foggy mornings.. of getting up late during the winter vacations ( yeah.. in north we had 20 days of winter vacations.. it’s a luxury I no longer enjoy :) … of sipping hot coffee and hot pakoras… of sleeping in a quilt.. and making sure that all corners are tucked and not even one percent of your body is exposed to the chill… ask anyone staying in north.. the hardest task of the day is to get out of that quilt… aaaah!!

Winters was also about blazers…used to love turning up in them in them… we had this maroon blazer in school.. with the school and house logo emblazed on it.. (Cornwallis.. “Never Say Die”.. that was house name and motto) every year I would pester and cajole my dad into buying me a new blazer every year.. also.. the fact that my bro used to study in a different school helped!!..and I had this strange strange habit of keeping some thing or the other in my blazer pocket.. to have the joy of discovering it the next year :)

Winters was also about cricket.. ask any purist and they will tell ya.. that cricket was originally meant to be a winter game… in my boarding school the cricket season was from nov-march… and ask anyone who has played the game.. it’s the time when u really don’t wanna be in the way of the red cherry.. in winters it stings… and you really do wanna avoid the blues (pun intended).. so I had the perfect strategy to avoid it.. I let others bat …
And now I am in the city of dreams.. and here I am .. sitting in shorts and a tshirt… typing away.. my mom just called… she told me that today the fog cleared at 1 pm and the sunset kicked in at 5!!!!

What times… what nostalgia …


And before I forget.. Merry Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho ;)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Friendship… love… relationships…the equations… emotions… family… work…. Everything in between….

What am I looking for… where am I going… where is life taking me? What are my desires.. limitations… am I self aware…

Why am I one in a crowd…. Kya paya.. kya kho gaya… who are the people who matter in my life… life is a roller coaster… then why am I not getting the upper crest of it…

Is money important ?? wht am I looking for? Personal satisfaction?? Money?? Or creative freedom….

In this world of material instincts… why am I looking for love… do I have love… yes… but is the love I am looking for always there for me?

The clock ticks away.. the mundane routine of life remains…. What am I looking for….

Uff… why is life so complex… I think I need a getaway… maybe I am thinking too much… maybe things are not that bad… why am I always a pessimist??? Is it fair to expect everything you want outta life?? Then why is it that some people get everything they want in their lives served on a silver platter while some have to slog for every bit of happiness…

sorry guys.. too much happening inside my brain rite now

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dripping Money...

Just came across this article in TOI Today... its about the world's costiest cocktail... with an astonishing cost of Rs. 13.something lakhs for a glass!!!

These days people have astonishing amount of money... n more than that.. an appetite to spend it!! The attitude earlier was "I will save for a better tommorow".. but its slowly changing to "I will spend for a better today"..

But imagine... the uber rich who splurge so much on a glass of cocktail.. if the same money went to an FD of a poor family.. supporting it.. feeding it... wouldnt it have been worth it...????

anyways.. would like to know from fellow bloggers though.. whats the max. amount they have splurged on themselves... i will start with myself.. its a measly 10K for my cellphone... thats it!

go on guys... out with it!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Its Time....

Its Time... to make things happen,
Its Time... to think twice before baring my heart,
Its Time... to take myself seriously,
Its Time... to stop thinking about others,
Its Time... to believe that i am on my own,
Its Time... to take life "practically",
Its Time... to give space ( whatever that means),
Its Time... not to be taken for granted,
Its Time... to bring happiness back in my life,
Its Time... to be happy, and stay that way,
Its Time... to be strong,
Its Time... to move on.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Standing Tall... the need of the hour...

Not everything in my life is going on as it should be... infact.. to put it the otherway around.. there is hardly anything which is positive right now...

First up... My confirmation in my job has gotten delayed by 3 months ... ( which is a blessing in disguise... as i am looking for a change).. but it does leave a bad bad taste as to what wrong i am doing at my job... maybe an introspection is round the corner.

Secondly, things are not going too well with A .. yeah.. what started out to be a wonderful friendship and very very special one at that is slowly withering away.. is grasping out of my reach.. its so strange to see that now when we talk we hardly have anything to discuss.. or even carry out general conversations.. She is supposed to be my best friend.. but now it all seems like a distant memory.. when i think of the reason behind it.. its all too obvious..

yes.. i fell for my best friend.. besotted is the right word... and i dont regret it .. not one bit.. bcoz probably no-one in this world can tell me that it is wrong to fall in love.. yeah.. i stayed put in fantasyland when the writing was on the wall for me to see..

but i dont blame you for anything A, i understand ( i dont have a choice .. frankly!).. i want my buddy back.. and that can only happen when both want it that way...

and probably that is why i need to stand up to this... face it head on.. and move on... another chapter closes... I GIVE UP..

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Answers anyone?

I have some questions to ask. . To ponder on. . Hoping that i will get answers from anyone who wishes to answer. . Needless to say that using my own brain for these things is a futile effort . . So . . Here goes . .
Has it ever happened to you that you get used to someone so badly that even a little bit of slip up from their part makes you wonder whats going on. . That you feel like being near that person 24/7. . And since that cannot happen all the time you feel all the more helpless. . Crap! Arbit rambling this. . My friends say that sometimes giving a bit of space is good. But what i wanna know is that how much space is too much. .
There are some people who stay faithful to their friends all the time.. And yet.. End up as nothing else than just great friend. When is the appropriate time to cross that line? Yes. . I am thinking again. . I am thinking too much . .

Friday, November 2, 2007

Diet Misconceptions :)

Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?
A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a lamb eat? Leaves and corn. And what are these? Vegetables.So a kabab is nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system.
Need grain? Eat chicken.

Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake?
A: No, not at all. Wine is made from fruit. Brandy is distilled wine, that means they take the water out of the fruity bit so you get even more of the goodness that way. Beer is also made out of grain. Its only the misconception, that narrow minded people have. So, Bottoms up!

Q: Aren't fried foods bad for you?
A: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!!! Foods are fried these days in vegetable oil.How could getting more vegetables be bad for you?

Q: Is chocolate bad for me?
A: Are you crazy? HELLO..... Cocoa beans ... another vegetable ! It's the best feel-good food around!

Q: Is swimming good for your figure?
A: If swimming is good for your figure, explain whales to me.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

What were u trying Mr. kashyap??

Yes... you guys have guessed it rite... I am one of the few unfortunate souls who have been subject to a gnuine torture called No smoking... and guys.. trust me.. i am yet to recover..

Now my friends say thats i am the biggest movie buff around and i find 99.99% of movies fantabulous.. and that, unfortunately is true...

But this one movie falls in the 0.01% category.. now dont get me wrong here.. i am not your typical movie buff here.. i actually eat, breathe and sleep ( well not sleep.. ahem... how can someone slep with movies??) movies of all genre.. i actually like movies like shabd (Mr. Dutt and Mrs. Bacchan Jr.) , like Babel... which were abstract to say the least and yet captivated me..

and quite honestly.. i went to see this movie ( with 4 other friends... and u can imagine my plight considering i recommended this movie) keeping in mind the abstract theme ... but there is a difference between showing your imaginative genius to the world and taking the audience to a ride... thats exactly what Mr. Kashyap has done.. cant believe this is the man who gave us Black Friday..

Can i have my 170 bucks back!!!

and btw.. i am going to Jab We Met tonite ... anyone interested???

and oh.. pass the popcorn please...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


You came into my life an year back,
you made it spin 360 degree.

You made me see a whole new perspective,
something which i dared not to see.

You showed me what friendship really was:) ,
its beyond movies. . Pubs. . And shopping.

You have slowly changed me as a person, thought me the significance of discipline..

You are the reason i am surviving in this big bad city,
you are the reason i wont ever let it go.

You are my best friend. You are the reason i am smiling. I know you will kill me when you read this.

But i just wanna say. . Thank you.

In the middle of the night

Saturday night. . Or rather sunday morning. . Its nearly one thirty . . A freak call from vodafone. . And i am wide awake.
Just have some things vent inside me. . Why is it that the things in life you treasure most are the ones which are seemingly impossible to get. . And yet there are some souls in this world who have in served on a platter. . Even those who do not even realize the true worth of it. .
God. . There are not many things in my life which i really really want. And this. . I do. . Dont take this away from me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Love this Game

I am lucky.... i am one lucky lucky guy ... how else would you explain this:

2.30 pm yesterday.... me sitting in front of my computer in office, checking out , cursing my luck that i am sitting in front of my dumb computer and not watching the game... India Vs. Australia... probably Sachin's last One Day at Mumbai.. and ask any cricket aficionado and he will tell you... how big an occassion that is...

Suddenly, i hear a flutter behind me , Its my boss... Damn.. I shut down all the windows ... My boss strides towards me with a sense of purpose... does he know i managed to open cricinfo in office???

and then the Magic Words " Rahul, wanna see the match today???"

for once i couldnt believe my ears... Is he Joking??? Surely!

I take the bait .." Yeah!! Of course... who doesnt!"

and then he fiddles in his pocket.. and out come two tickets ... i blink my eyes in disbelief... is this real???

Ten minutes... thats all it took for me to shut down my computer... get out of office.. and reach wankhede... ( yes.. my office is stone's throw away from the stadium)

My friend was already there waiting for me ( He told his boss he had to pick up a friend from the airport.. old excuse... but works every single time! )

the next seven hours i had the ball of my life.. a part of the screaming 50,000 odd fans cramped inside the stadium... it was well worth it...

The roar in the stadium when Sachin came into bat.. was something you gotta see to believe ... the pressure was unbelievable..and yet this little fellow has been doing it for the last 18 years of his life...

I have been a cricket fan since childhood... i love this game... my hands itch to bat when i see kids playing in azad maidan... but i have other things to do... sitting in front of computer every day and working on some stupid office crap... for example....

But when i see the passion this game invokes in all of us.. the joy, the sadness... the extreme reactions... i know that for all of this... this more than a mere game... some say its a religion...

I say its my life :)

and btw... we won.... and it was the perfect icing on the cake....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Blues...

Sorry guys... This is gonna be a depressing post... because thats what i am feeling right now.. and if i wont vent it out here.. then where else right??

I was talking to a friend yesterday.. who was really a good friend till very recently.. when things really went downhill and unfortunately there is no looking back now... she said something to me which got me thinking...
" Rahul, your priorities have changed" ..

yes dear... maybe they have... maybe you have realized it too late .. bcoz when i gave you all the priority in this world... you were too busy making a mockery outta it... you had gotten used to it..

but in the end .. thats whats gonna happen rite... you go your way and i go mine... because there nothing else other than that to it... i will hate myself forever.. for the fact that i was so blind.. for the fact that i didnt see it coming whe the whole world saw it... or maybe i did... but i was too busy being a loyal friend...

and whats worse is... you still have the audacity to tell me that my priorities have changed.. oh now you wanna be a priority.. do you?? sorry girl... you cant have your cake and eat it too...

you keep smsing me... and call me... that why dont we meet up now...
i ask you lady... what about the times when i wanted to meet up .. when i wanted you to be there for me... why do you expect that i will be there for you now... FACE IT... i am not on a charity trip here...

and the worst part is .... i am still supposed to be a friend.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Its finally come to this!

well.. it had to actually... after a lifetime of devilishly fattening and waist increasing food habits... it had to happen...

I have joined a gym... :(

and thats no mean task... it took a lot of pestering ( read pushing) from friends... an odd scarcasm filled qoute from sis... ( arre itna mota hoga to acchi biwi nahi milegi!!... huH!! ) ... and finally .. with the weigh scales tippling over at 81 kgs... was enough motivation...

and so i took that dreaded trip to the nearest talwalkars... filled up the form ... paid the money ( read: burnt a HUGE hole in my credit card account) ...

i was finally at the mercy of the trainer... he looked at me from head to toe... shook his head... gurrrr... and then instructed... on the spot jogging for a min NOW!!... now... i thought ( the keyword here is i THOUGHT) that i was pretty good atleast at my fitness level .. if nothing else... but boy... was i wrong...

15 secs into the jog... and i had already broken into a sweat... 30 secs.. and i was gasping for air... 45 secs... and i felt as if i was having a mini heart attack!!!

what happened in the remainder of the session is too gross to be mentioned here... :) ...

by the end of it... the trainer had only one thing to say... " Aap aise karoge to nahin hoga..." .. huh!!! after one hour of sweating... putting my body through the torture... what more is expected!

and as instructed .. for some time now... its goddbye to all pizzaz, burgers.. and such yummy stuff... :(...

but all i can do... is stare here...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chuk De!!!

"Sattar minute. Sattar minute hain tumhaare paas. Shaayad tumhari zindagi ke sabse khaas sattar minute. Aaj tum achha khelo ya bura, yeh sattar minute tumhe zindagi bhar yaad rahenge. Aur kaise khelna hai, aaj main tumhe nahin bataoonga. Bas itna kahoonga ki jao aur yeh sattar minute jee bharkar khel lo. Kyunki iske baad aane wali zindagi mein chahe kuch sahi ho ya na ho, chahe kuch rahe ya na rahe, tum haaro ya jeeto, lekin yeh sattar minute tumse koi nahin chheen sakta. Koi nahin. Toh maine socha ki is match mein kaisa khelna hai aaj main tumhe nahin bataaoonga balki tum mujhe bataoge. Khelkar. Kyunki main jaanta hoon, ki agar yeh sattar minute is team ka har player apni zindagi ki sabse badhiya hockey khel gaya toh yeh sattar minute khuda bhi tumse waapas nahin maang sakta. Toh jao. Jao aur apne aap se, is zindagi se, apne khuda se, aur har us insaan se jisne tumhe... tumpar bharosa nahin kiya, apne sattar minute chheen lo."

Take a bow, SRK! an entire 2.50 hour movie without twitching the left eyebrow, without hamming, without being called Rahul, Raj or Aryan... and yet captivating the nation.. not bad!

To say that i loved this movie would be an understatement.. but dialogues like the one above have made this movie more than just another sports movie... the girls are splashing on every possible channel... the haryanvi jat, the chandigarh sex bomb, the patiala di kudi. :)

Well Done, SRK..

Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Friends.... My life...

I am a great believer in friendship... much more than family... for the simple reason that i have chosen these people... who have stood by me and have cared for me.. i have spent the best moments of my life with these guys...

Tomorrow happens to be friendship day.. i am not sure friendship needs a day to be celebrated on... we should have a friendship year :)..

Anyways.. here it goes .. an ode to all my friends.. thanks guys.. you are my strength..

In the order of appearance .. here it is...

1. Rana -- The first semblence of a friend i ever had... an emotional wreck and my confidente.. he is style personified :)
2. Vishal - My carbon copy... literally and figuratively... and thats the reason why we know exactly whats going on in each other's mind.. just that i wish i had spent more time with him.
3. Gaurav- The original dude.. when i was in college... he was my style icon.. we connected ever so much in college.. i really like you dude... even though you pissed me off big time on so many occassions... somewhere even you will agree.. we are still alike in so many different ways...
4. Sumana- What do i say about you girl.. wish you someday realize what friendship truly means... god bless...
5. Srimoyee- The bong Bombshell... :).. I just adore the fact that she is what she is.. and that is what i have learned from her... to be what you are... to hell with the world.. you rock...and i love that about you...
6. Nidhi- If there ever was perfect girl... she is the one.. i have known her for 3 years now... and i cant pinpoint even one flaw in her nature.. and yes.. i have to say this... you have taught me what friendship truly means... what it is to have a true friend.. and thats you... thanks tapori :)
7. Anu-- My Mirror.. the one who person sings my life's story back to me... and keeps me grounded... i have never met a girl as strong as you...and yet as much senti as i am... Life would've been very different( and difficult) without you... Be around.. cant afford to let go... :)

so.. there it is... seven people in my life who have influenced me and have improved me as a person.. there's a long way to go... we all have just started we.. and this journey will be wonderful... bcoz you are gonna be with me..

Of course.. there are many friends who are my very close buddies... and they know how much they mean to me...

I love you all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One Year Later.. in the City of Dreamz

Date: July 11, 2006. Around 6.20 pm.
Place: 2nd class compartment of a Borivali-bound local, Jogeshwari Railway Station.

Sitting near the window.. Tuned into my Ipod… I was drowsy and tired after all the office commotion … waiting for my destination… the train had just left the station and was slowly picking up speed…I noticed a man standing on the platform (middle aged, a sikh) … and then I saw the most horrific scene I had ever been witness to.. the train shook.. and I saw the sardarji's lower half slump to the ground… while the upper half just blew apart.. the train stopped.. and then it dawned on me.. THERE WAS A BONB BLAST.. the jam-packed local was all empty within ten seconds… I jumped out of the train and ran.. ran until I crossed the 5 ft. wall adjacent to the platform ( something I thought and still think that I can never do… its amazing what adrenaline can do to you…).. and took a cab out of the station and rushed home I didn’t have the courage to even look back and see…. pandemonium ruled that day.. which changed the lives of thousands … and made this never stopping city to a grinding halt…

The Mumbai Bomb Blast ripped apart the first class bogies of 6-7 local trains… claiming lives of innocent people returning home after a hard day at work… subsequently.. the usual happened… stories of victims… and of survivors… who made it against all odds… staring death .. cheating death … the media went all over the place… saying this was the test of the spirit of Mumbai…

And how did Mumbai react to this… by getting back on track (quite literally, the railways worked through the night to ensure that the local trains—the lifeline of Mumbai.. was on track the very next day) … as if to say… " you hit us… and we will come back at you… Braver… Stronger… and Fearless.."

Its one year since that day… and tomorrow its 7/11 again… but only this time.. Mumbai is chugging fast .. there will be more 7/11's .. there will be more times when "the spirit of the people of Mumbai" will save the day… but what I want to know is… till when…

In the meantime… Things are the way they should be… loving life… living life .. in the city of dreamz…

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Coming from a guy.. this has to be a absurd topic to talk about... but remember.. i am a piscean... we are supposed to be the most passionate and romantic guys around... :)

i just came across this worderful piece of poetry somewhere... and i just had to share it with the world.. I wonder that if love is excatly what is written here... how many of us are privileged to get this love...

here it goes...

If you love some one because you think that
he or she is really gorgeous ...
then it's not love ..
it's ~* Infatuation *~......

If you love some one because you think that you shouldn't
leave him because others think that you shouldn't
then it's not love..
it's ~* compromise *~.......

If you love some one because you think that you
cannot live with out his touch ....
then it's not love ..
it's ~*lust*~......

If you love some one because you have been kissed
by him ...then it's not love..
it's ~* inferiority complex*~......

If you love some one because you cannot leave him
thinking that it would hurt his feelings ..
then it's not love ..
it's ~*charity*~....

If you love some one because you share every thing
with him ...
then it's not love...
it's ~*friendship*~...

but if you feel the pain ofthe other person more
him even when he is stable and you cry for him ...
that's ~*LOVE*~ =

if you get attracted to ther people but stay with
him without any regrets...
that's ~*LOVE*~

If you let him go knowing that he has to go but he
doesn't want to ...
that's ~*LOVE*~

Think abt this guys....

Friday, June 22, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Random Day

1. I am Bored, in office . Period.
2. I want to change my job. Asap.
3. Today I get to go outta office at one! yes yes yes!!! J
4. I just read a beautiful blog… of a fellow blogger… trust me.. the most beautiful things in life are the ones which we take for granted… and worry for the stupid intricacies of life.
5. Everyone hates Himesh "torture" Reshammiya… but cant be amazed at the thought that inspite of this fact .. every where its his music that plays… ( ps- I loved his music in Namastey London).
6. I am feeling alone.
7. I really feel that there is a need for me to prune down the number of friends I have. I Have too many… sounds bad… but it’s a fact (hey that rhymes!!)
8. I want to have pizza…
9. I am missing a friend… really am.
10. I hate the fact that I am so senti… but yet I feel that its my biggest strength.. "I FEEL"
11. I love my parents.
12. I am wondering what they will get for me from usa J
13. Two of my very very close friends are getting married … I am so happy for them.. touché!
14. I am wondering …. is it possible for someone to have more than one best friend???
15. I wonder when I will get my first comment!!! J
16. I want to reduce… and very soon too…
17. Tomorrow is Saturday … yayayay!!!!

Adios Amigos!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Weighty Issues

There comes a time in everyone's life where a person is forced by nature to take a break from the routine – mundane issues of daily life and pause and look at himself. Now, a similar thing happened to me quite a while back… the fact that I haven’t done anything about it is a different story.

I am overweight.. by around 15 kgs… the primary cause of this crime can be traced back years ago , when as a kid , I was given generous dozes of ghee and milk and later on ice-creams, sweets and other similar devilishly enticing stuff by my grandma. This was followed by a systematic introduction of chicken and beer.. which has only multiplied my weight, and that, accompanied by the fact that I am one lazy lump who does not want to exercise… has made things worse…

and to make matters even more worse.. we are living in times where u have picture perfect people strutting their six pack abs in public … god help me…

Gosh!!! this is turning out to be a page from Bridget Jones diary J….

Adios… more later….

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


An empty mind is devils workshop. . And when the mind is empty strange thoughts come into my mind. . And its during one of my empty mind days . . Travelling in an overcrowded local train. . That i thought of happiness. . Now you may ask. . What about it. .
Now. . I am not a philosopher. . But i have a very vague idea of happiness. . And this basically starts from my own happiness . .
Happiness is a state of mind. . Hence the age old hindi idiom called dil khush ho gaya. . Doesnt actually work. . Different people have different perceptions of what happiness is. . Its strange. . But i have seen people who have either lost everything they had in life. .and are yet as happy as anyone. . And the reason is simple. . They dont have any expectations. . So no expectations leads to happiness. . And then there is another breed. . People who expect so much from life. . They go on and achieve what they expect. . And that gives fulfilling happiness. . So. . Either you have nothing to loose. . Or you have everything aplenty.. But that does not always happen does it? So what is the happiness mantra.. Many people find happiness in the minutest of things. . I once had a fwd which said went something like this . .
4 friends. . One packet maggi . . One hostel room. . 4.30 am . . Is happiness . .
Quite frankly. . I am astonished. . If happiness is so easy. . Why is everyone chasing it? . . Maybe therein lies the answer . . Probably if we dont chase happiness . . It will come to us. . What say? Rote rote. . Hansa seekho. . Haste haste. . Rona! So laugh. . Till you cry. . Adios!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Life ... In a Metro

Can get more filmy a title than that right...???

Yes... it takes me approximately 6 months to feed in a new post in my blog.... and this is what has inspired me ... this awesome awesome movie....

Its time to take stock... of my life... where i stand after 25.something years....

I am in this mad mad city called bombay... where everyone is running... where ??? i doubt if they themselves know... nothing is constant here... except the running of course...

i liked this qoute from metro " morning walk nahi hai.... to bhaagna to padega hi..."

totally exemplifies life in bombay...

but i after one year in this mess... i am starting to love it.... why??? firstly... bcoz i have no other choice... secondly... this is the land of opportunities unbound... yeh shehar mujhe khane ko pizza aur peene ko beer deta hai....

i am working... in a bank.... where i dont remember the last time i did anything creative or knew... everything is a template .... just like old school times.... fill in the blanks....

i have a great set of friends... they are my support system.. ( some more than the others)...

but i am not the best person in this world... and like all of us.. i too have my shortcomings... but i am what i am.. i know this is cliched...

I feel i havent done enough for my family... the expectations are hugh... and its burdening... and besides... there are the hugh footsteps of my bro to be filled....

I feel i am lonely... and the fact that i am stupidly emotional really does not help... one of my dearest friends says that the one stop solution for all my woes is matrimony... :) ... well... thats one thing to look forward to...

life in this metro is monotonous.... same train...7.47.... same ppl in the train ( a grouchy old uncle who is kind enough to save the seat next to him)... same work... office.. again train...

mom and dad are going to usa for four months.... for the first time i will be alone... psycologically this matters.... i still need that comforting hand....

berang si hai badi zindagi kuch rang to bharo,
main apni tanhayi ke vaaste,
ab kuch to karun...
jab mile thodi fursat... khud se kar loon mohabbat....

Yeah... life is like that.... but if i were to say the only positive thing in this otherwise negative post.... It possibly cant get worse than this right???