Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happiness: Reposted

I Wrote this post one year back... somehow i thought i shoudl share this again... after all... its what we are searching for... Happiness...

An empty mind is devils workshop. . And when the mind is empty strange thoughts come into my mind. . And its during one of my empty mind days . . Travelling in an overcrowded local train. . That i thought of happiness. . Now you may ask. . What about it. . Now. . I am not a philosopher. . But i have a very vague idea of happiness. . And this basically starts from my own happiness . . Happiness is a state of mind. . Hence the age old hindi idiom called dil khush ho gaya. . Doesnt actually work. . Different people have different perceptions of what happiness is. . Its strange. . But i have seen people who have either lost everything they had in life. .and are yet as happy as anyone. . And the reason is simple. . They dont have any expectations. . So no expectations leads to happiness. . And then there is another breed. . People who expect so much from life. . They go on and achieve what they expect. . And that gives fulfilling happiness. . So. . Either you have nothing to loose. . Or you have everything aplenty.. But that does not always happen does it? So what is the happiness mantra.. Many people find happiness in the minutest of things. . I once had a fwd which said went something like this . . 4 friends. . One packet maggi . . One hostel room. . 4.30 am . . Is happiness . . Quite frankly. . I am astonished. . If happiness is so easy. . Why is everyone chasing it? . . Maybe therein lies the answer . . Probably if we dont chase happiness . . It will come to us. . What say? Rote rote. . Hansa seekho. . Haste haste. . Rona! So laugh. . Till you cry. . Adios!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Make That Move!

Last night I was watching this talk show on "NDTV Good Times" , and the topic was if its ok for women to make a first move.
If you ask me, I think its high time they started doing that! I am just writing down a guy's perspective here. Think about it.. in most cases this is what happens-
A guy, willing to express his intentions (and emotions) towards his lady love, spends sleepless nights and plans endlessly to make "the moment" a perfect one. He waits for the opportune time and place for it, and after accumulating all the ions of guts and courage inside him.. pops the question…
.. Now imagine the state if he gets rejected. not only is it a big blow to the poor fella's ego and self esteem.. his confidence takes a beating too.. and the first question he asks himself is "What's wrong with me!!! ". Ofcourse, I am not talking about the Romeo's who will happily shrug it off and move on to the next "target".

Obviously, in their defense the gals say that if a girl approaches a guy and asks him out .. she is immediately labeled as "fast" and "easy".

My big question is .. why should men have to bear this suffering while the gals just get away with a "no".
We are talking about a gender-equal world, aren’t we? so lets have a role reversal for a change girls.. let guys have all the pampering from you.. after ages of pampering YOU.. they sure deserve it… give them that "care" and the feeling that "they" are special to you all..
Anyone game enough? Will anyone of ladies reading this go ahead and take that step?