Wednesday, May 30, 2007


An empty mind is devils workshop. . And when the mind is empty strange thoughts come into my mind. . And its during one of my empty mind days . . Travelling in an overcrowded local train. . That i thought of happiness. . Now you may ask. . What about it. .
Now. . I am not a philosopher. . But i have a very vague idea of happiness. . And this basically starts from my own happiness . .
Happiness is a state of mind. . Hence the age old hindi idiom called dil khush ho gaya. . Doesnt actually work. . Different people have different perceptions of what happiness is. . Its strange. . But i have seen people who have either lost everything they had in life. .and are yet as happy as anyone. . And the reason is simple. . They dont have any expectations. . So no expectations leads to happiness. . And then there is another breed. . People who expect so much from life. . They go on and achieve what they expect. . And that gives fulfilling happiness. . So. . Either you have nothing to loose. . Or you have everything aplenty.. But that does not always happen does it? So what is the happiness mantra.. Many people find happiness in the minutest of things. . I once had a fwd which said went something like this . .
4 friends. . One packet maggi . . One hostel room. . 4.30 am . . Is happiness . .
Quite frankly. . I am astonished. . If happiness is so easy. . Why is everyone chasing it? . . Maybe therein lies the answer . . Probably if we dont chase happiness . . It will come to us. . What say? Rote rote. . Hansa seekho. . Haste haste. . Rona! So laugh. . Till you cry. . Adios!


Srimoyee said...

good post poru... keep it up.

Ravish said...

hey dude..liked's a mere coincidence that I also wrote about the happiness.