Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Written Word

This is the Jet Age… everything is literally at your fingertips. In the quest to maximise every ounce of productivity, and to make each second count, we have invented devices, gadgets which have replaced the way we interact with each other.

We were the sms generation, and that too is passé now. It’s the Tweet generation, conversations that do not last 140 characters.

Wrds r nw loosng their 4rm.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you put pen to paper and wrote something. Not a signature on a cheque, not while making office notes, but an actual thought or maybe a letter to a loved one.

For me, nothing can quite replace the written word. the personal touch, the thought and the visible sign of the person’s handwriting is something no MS word software can ever reproduce.

When I was in hostel, we were to compulsorily write to our parents every fortnight. I always had too much to write, resulting in sheets and sheets of paper. These days, with the call charges being so low, and technology catching up… who writes letters these days.

Think about it, delve into your inner thoughts, pick up a piece of paper and write to whoever you wish to, the “old fashioned” way.