Saturday, March 29, 2008

neekuben's tag

A - Available?
Oh yeah.. and looking… :) .. come on guys.. atleast appreciate my honesty!
B - Best Friend
The guy who sticks b your side when you want to be left alone… so basically a pain in the a**.. and I do have some of them :) .. so guys .. continue being a pain.. he he he!
C - Cake or Pie
Cake!Black Forest ! :)
D - Drink of Choice
Bloody Mary/Long Island Iced Tea… wooo… makes me a bad boy!
E – Essential thing(s) used every day
Cellphone n Ipod..
F – Favourite Colour
Blue… absolutely no competition here.. I am blue da da de da da da ….
G – Gummi Bears or Gummi Worms
Ki farak painda hai :)
H – Hometown
Moradabad… … check it out if u wanna know more :)
I – Indulgence
In food.. has to be Dark Tempations at Barista.. otherwise its perfumes.. right now my eyes are set on "Dark Code" by Armani.. its heavenly…
J – January or February
February!! Less number of days to work… plus the salary comes in a lot quicker ;)....
K – Kids and Names
Kids.. yeah.. kabhi to honge hi… but yeah I know I will be a fab. father… ekdam a1 quality… and yeah.. I do have a (prospectove)name… Arjun.. I dunno.. I like this name a lot…
L – Life
Zindagi… kaisi hai paheli hai… kabhi ye hasae.. kabhi ye rulaye..
M – Marriage
The next big thing to happen in my life..
N – Number of siblings
One brother and one sister.. I am the youngest of the lot… I have nicknamed by sister as "Hitler".. for obvious reasons :)
O –Oranges or Apples
Apples.. crunchy.. Juicy.. yummmm….
P – Phobia
Aqua Phobia!
Q – Quote
"Har pal yahaan.. ji bhar jeeyo.. jo hai samaa.. kal ho na ho"
R - Reason to Smile
A phone call or an sms.. or maybe India winning the match… I smile at the simplest of reasons..
S – Season
Winter.. ask any north Indian and he will tell ya that.. nothing beats having a hot cup of coffee n pakode.. tucked in a warm quilt ;)
T – Tag people
U – Unknown fact about me
I have amazing amazing handwriting.. and I love flaunting it :)
V – Vegetable you do not like
Karela… W – Worst Habit
Biting Nails…
X-rays you have had.
Ahem… Groin!
Y – Your favourite food
Pizza, Paav bhaji, Khaman Dhokla,Undhiyu, Chicken Augratin.. with Garlic Bread.. yummy!
Z – Zodiac
Pisces ( Born Romantics!!)

Friday, March 28, 2008

ये है मेरी कहानी

आज मेरा हिन्दी लिखने का मूड है। कष्ट के लिए क्षमाप्रार्थी हूँ
अगर आप आज पूछेंगे की राहुल की ज़िंदगी में क्या चल रहा है तो ये तीन नज़मे एक सब कुछ बयां कर देंगे
आंसू भी हैं प्यार में,
ग़म भी है प्यार में,
तकरार भी है प्यार में,
सौ मुसीबतें भी है प्यार में,
मगर साला क्या करें...
हम भी हैं प्यार में!!
Just too much in love.. with life.. with love itself..
यार ने दिल का हाल बताना छोड़ दिया ,
हमने भी गहराई में जाना छोड़ दिया,
जब उसऐ ही दूरी का एहसास नही,
हमने भी एहसास दिलाना छोड़ दिया...
Missing you...
ये दोस्ती कितनी अजीब है,
फ़िर भी दिल के करीब है,
पल में hasaati , पल में रुलाती है,
ज़िंदगी भर याद ये आती है,
हर वक्त हर लम्हा ये हमारे साथ होती है,
हर दुःख हर ग़म की ये दवा होती है,
हर साथ छूट जाए पर ये साथ देती है,
हर गहरे रिश्ते की शुरुआत होती है,
जो भी हो दोस्त,
दोस्ती प्यार की बुनियाद होती है...
( One of my very dear friend nidhi composed this... and trust me guys i believe in it.. and i have lived this... )

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tag hi Tag

Looks like the tag season is well n truly on!

I have two tages pending now… and even though I like doing them… other things (on my mind) have kept me occupied… but that’s a topic for a different post altogether.

Now, Divya's tag asks me to spell out six totally random things about me.. well, lets see how this one goes:

Random Fact #1: I have close to 3500 sms's in my cell… none of which are spams or forwards.. but personalized sms's sent by friends , family et al.. I dread the day (if and when) my cell konks off…

Random Fact #2: I need a newspaper and a cup of tea within five minutes of me getting up.. specially the newspaper.. It's something I have ingerited from my Dad.. I simply cannot start my day without the newspaper … even before brushing my teeth.. :)

Random Fact #3: I am the biggest spendthrift and shopaholic possible.. if anyone wants to write a book on "How to blow your money before you know it.." , I am your man!!

Random Fact #4: I have aquaphobia – basically fear of large amounts of water.. and so yours truly has drowned in the Arabian Sea, the Godavari, the Ganga, and the local swimming pool… yet somehow came out alive n kicking.

Random Fact #5: I am horribly pathetic at Maths… right from nursery till XII, and even at BCA n MBA.. Maths has been my nemesis.. only if I could tell u all how many thrashings I have had from my mom due to this… :)

Random Fact #6: I am fiercely romantic in nature.. and have no qualms in admitting it… I am the quintessential lover boy… :)… and I am waiting… for that special someone.. and yeah.. it will be breaking news on my blog the day it happens… keep watching this space for more… :)

Oh well that does it!! that’s short n crisp.. the way I like it…

n now I tag everyone willing to take this… shuru ho jaao!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boys will be Boys!!!

You might be world champions...
You might have travelled the world..
Seen it all.. done it all..
You might be worshipped in your country as idols..


Boys will still be boys :)

Ps- Check out the way Yuvraj is looking.. he is the smartest a**!! :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Keep the Faith

When everything around you is dark.. nothing goes right and all's gloomy.. The first thing you do is look up the skies and say ,"Why God, why me?"

" I have been your perfect child, I have believed in you, have stood my faith in you, and this is what I get??"

..and at these times you question weather God is there at all? Or is it just a figment of imagination of earthlings to just alleviate their worst possible fears…

If, for a split second, you've ever doubted the existence of that supreme force, here is some fodder to ponder upon-

This story was shown on CNN-IBN two days back, and if nothing else, re-affirms the faith.

A Pregnant Lady, traveling in a passenger train bound to Ahmedabad went to the rest room to relieve herself, and quite astonishingly, delivered her baby (Two Months Pre-Mature). The baby slipped out of the combod (Those who have traveled by Indian railways know what I am talking about) and fell on the tracks.

By the time the shocked mother raised a hue n cry, the train had already crossed many a mile.

What are the odds of that baby surviving? From the cocoon and warmth of mother's womb to to the harsh realities of the railway tracks.

But she survived, and is now recuperating in a hospital in Ahmedabad.

There is someone up there, who is looking at us. Keep the faith in him. I know many of us in bloggersville (including me) have issues in life… heartbreaks, problems.. et al, and we have blamed it on him… Sab uski hi galti hai!

But he has something planned, and slowly but surely, it will unfold. Keep the faith Guys!

and yes, Miracles do Happen!

Wait for one in your life….

Ps- They are gonna name the baby "Karishma" ( Miracle).