Sunday, October 28, 2007

What were u trying Mr. kashyap??

Yes... you guys have guessed it rite... I am one of the few unfortunate souls who have been subject to a gnuine torture called No smoking... and guys.. trust me.. i am yet to recover..

Now my friends say thats i am the biggest movie buff around and i find 99.99% of movies fantabulous.. and that, unfortunately is true...

But this one movie falls in the 0.01% category.. now dont get me wrong here.. i am not your typical movie buff here.. i actually eat, breathe and sleep ( well not sleep.. ahem... how can someone slep with movies??) movies of all genre.. i actually like movies like shabd (Mr. Dutt and Mrs. Bacchan Jr.) , like Babel... which were abstract to say the least and yet captivated me..

and quite honestly.. i went to see this movie ( with 4 other friends... and u can imagine my plight considering i recommended this movie) keeping in mind the abstract theme ... but there is a difference between showing your imaginative genius to the world and taking the audience to a ride... thats exactly what Mr. Kashyap has done.. cant believe this is the man who gave us Black Friday..

Can i have my 170 bucks back!!!

and btw.. i am going to Jab We Met tonite ... anyone interested???

and oh.. pass the popcorn please...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


You came into my life an year back,
you made it spin 360 degree.

You made me see a whole new perspective,
something which i dared not to see.

You showed me what friendship really was:) ,
its beyond movies. . Pubs. . And shopping.

You have slowly changed me as a person, thought me the significance of discipline..

You are the reason i am surviving in this big bad city,
you are the reason i wont ever let it go.

You are my best friend. You are the reason i am smiling. I know you will kill me when you read this.

But i just wanna say. . Thank you.

In the middle of the night

Saturday night. . Or rather sunday morning. . Its nearly one thirty . . A freak call from vodafone. . And i am wide awake.
Just have some things vent inside me. . Why is it that the things in life you treasure most are the ones which are seemingly impossible to get. . And yet there are some souls in this world who have in served on a platter. . Even those who do not even realize the true worth of it. .
God. . There are not many things in my life which i really really want. And this. . I do. . Dont take this away from me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Love this Game

I am lucky.... i am one lucky lucky guy ... how else would you explain this:

2.30 pm yesterday.... me sitting in front of my computer in office, checking out , cursing my luck that i am sitting in front of my dumb computer and not watching the game... India Vs. Australia... probably Sachin's last One Day at Mumbai.. and ask any cricket aficionado and he will tell you... how big an occassion that is...

Suddenly, i hear a flutter behind me , Its my boss... Damn.. I shut down all the windows ... My boss strides towards me with a sense of purpose... does he know i managed to open cricinfo in office???

and then the Magic Words " Rahul, wanna see the match today???"

for once i couldnt believe my ears... Is he Joking??? Surely!

I take the bait .." Yeah!! Of course... who doesnt!"

and then he fiddles in his pocket.. and out come two tickets ... i blink my eyes in disbelief... is this real???

Ten minutes... thats all it took for me to shut down my computer... get out of office.. and reach wankhede... ( yes.. my office is stone's throw away from the stadium)

My friend was already there waiting for me ( He told his boss he had to pick up a friend from the airport.. old excuse... but works every single time! )

the next seven hours i had the ball of my life.. a part of the screaming 50,000 odd fans cramped inside the stadium... it was well worth it...

The roar in the stadium when Sachin came into bat.. was something you gotta see to believe ... the pressure was unbelievable..and yet this little fellow has been doing it for the last 18 years of his life...

I have been a cricket fan since childhood... i love this game... my hands itch to bat when i see kids playing in azad maidan... but i have other things to do... sitting in front of computer every day and working on some stupid office crap... for example....

But when i see the passion this game invokes in all of us.. the joy, the sadness... the extreme reactions... i know that for all of this... this more than a mere game... some say its a religion...

I say its my life :)

and btw... we won.... and it was the perfect icing on the cake....