Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life on an upward spiral..

The last time I wrote on my blog was 4 months back, at that time, nothing was quite going right. My career was on the rocks, nothing happening on the personal front, and I was grapping with issues and even contemplated pulling out of the city of dreamz.

And then I wrote that stupid last post of mine.

And then I read what I wrote, and I re-read it again and again, and wondered how negative and pessimistic it sounded. It perfectly captured my state of mind. Disillusioned, unfocussed.

Much has thankfully changed in the last four months. Things are way better now, and I am at the tipping point of the next big jump in my career. It all will happen this year.

But that’s not why I am happy. I am happy because probably for the first time in my entire life, I have started to think positive. I have started to think that whatever will happen to me, it will be for the best.

And people say, that if your thinking is positive, it attracts positive energy unbound… maybe its true.

So how did the change happen?

Was it within me? Was it due to the people around me?

Could be. I think people are as good to you or as bad to you as you allow them to be, and that’s the reason why good things happen to good people and sooner or later, the equilibrium of goodness tips in your favour.

This positive energy which is the source of my happiness, is bigger to me than all the Gods, all the meditation etc put together.

I am smiling again.