Saturday, November 10, 2007

Answers anyone?

I have some questions to ask. . To ponder on. . Hoping that i will get answers from anyone who wishes to answer. . Needless to say that using my own brain for these things is a futile effort . . So . . Here goes . .
Has it ever happened to you that you get used to someone so badly that even a little bit of slip up from their part makes you wonder whats going on. . That you feel like being near that person 24/7. . And since that cannot happen all the time you feel all the more helpless. . Crap! Arbit rambling this. . My friends say that sometimes giving a bit of space is good. But what i wanna know is that how much space is too much. .
There are some people who stay faithful to their friends all the time.. And yet.. End up as nothing else than just great friend. When is the appropriate time to cross that line? Yes. . I am thinking again. . I am thinking too much . .


annie said...

Hey..Thnx for droppin by mah blog. I’ll be back to comment on this one…simply cauz I know what its like to miss someone n feel so helpless n blah blah.

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@ Annie: waiting for your comment ;)

MiNi said...

ohh Man.. how can some-one be in such a similar state as that of mine..
I wish you get the answers of all these questions soon so that i can put those in action !
wonder blogs !!

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@ Mini: Thanks buddy! yeah.. the answers to these questions are not easy.. i am still searching... lets make a deal.. we will tell each other the moment we get these answers... pukka?? :)

Dont forget to have fun in life though... thats most important.. we take it way too seriously..

MiNi said...

pakka !!
its a deal!!