Sunday, December 30, 2007


No.. dont worry .. this post is not going to be about this small zingy tablet/gadget which seemingly busy people carry with them in order to make them even more busy and important .. ;)

PDA .. in local parlance is Public Display Of Affection.. and with the holiday season on in full force, makes it all the more in-your-face...

Now, dont get me wrong here.. i believe all the hot dudes and dudettes out there that the undying and so deep that several titanics can drown in it.. but come on.. gimme a break.. being in love in fine... expressing love is even more fine.. but snuggling up and cosying up in public places!!! no guys .. that sucks!! hello! what are lodges/hotels/rooms made for..

Take a look around.. its everywhere... malls/cybercafes/trains!!! and obviously.. the multiplexes.. hell they even have couple seats these days.. how considerate is that now..

In aamchi mumbai.. we have the favourite lovers hangout spots.. the Bandstand and the Bandra Reclamation.. go have a look.. alone.. mind you.. u will find scores of couples all cosying up behind umbrellas, long jackets.. duppattas.. anything i tell ya..

I believe an expression of love can also be just holding hands.. or just being there.. in company of that special someone..

What say people.. agree or not?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Everyone of us is special

Just came back .. after seeing taare zameen par... its beautiful...hats off aamir... for believing in the fact that each child is special... and why only a child.. i believe each and every one of us is special.. just that we are so engrossed in the rigours of this cruel world.. we are running ... god knows where..

i believe i am special. and so are u.. trust me. u are special.. because.. there are people in this world who care for u.. who love u... for what u are... and u r special to them... wheather u r bad or good... family n friends stand by.. no matter what... they dont care for wht is right or wrong.. its an unflinching support..

never underestimate it... god bless... we all are Taare zammen par...

lets be proud of ourselves...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

मैं और मेरा रूममेट अक्सर ये बातें करते हैं,
घर साफ होता तो कैसा होता.
मैं किचन साफ करता तुम बाथरूम धोते,
तुम हॉल साफ करते मैं बालकनी देखता.
लोग इस बात पर हैरान होते,
उस बात पर कितने हँसते.
मैं और मेरा रूममेट अक्सर ये बातें करते हैं.

यह हरा-भरा सिंक है या बर्तनों की जंग छिड़ी हुई है,
ये कलरफुल किचन है या मसालों से होली खेली हुई है.
है फ़र्श की नई डिज़ाइन या दूध, बियर से धुली हुई हैं.

ये सेलफोन है या ढक्कन,
स्लीपिंग बैग है या किसी का आँचल.
ये एयर-फ्रेशनर का नया फ्लेवर है या ट्रैश-बैग से आती बदबू.
ये पत्तियों की है सरसराहट या हीटर फिर से खराब हुआ है.
ये सोचता है रूममेट कब से गुमसुम,
के जबकि उसको भी ये खबर है
कि मच्छर नहीं है, कहीं नहीं है.
मगर उसका दिल है कि कह रहा है
मच्छर यहीं है, यहीं कहीं है.

तोंद की ये हालत मेरी भी है उसकी भी,
दिल में एक तस्वीर इधर भी है, उधर भी .
करने को बहुत कुछ है, मगर कब करें हम,
इसके लिए टाइम इधर भी नहीं है, उधर भी नहीं.

दिल कहता है कोई वैक्यूम क्लीनर ला दे,
ये कारपेट जो जीने को जूझ रहा है, फिकवा दे.
हम साफ रह सकते हैं, लोगों को बता दें ………….लोगों को बता दें

this is not my composition... but i share the sentiments here.. :(

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Its that time of the year...

Its that time of the year again… the time of misty mornings and dewy nights.. the time of late mornings and early nights..

Its also the time of Christmas carols.. of singing “Joy to the world”.. and “Silent Night”

Christmas has always been special to me.. we have this huge church bang opposite our home.. and I remember this very distinctly…when I was a kid.. every year on christmas eve me and my sis would head to the church.. she would literally drag me to go with her every year.. come to think of it I now feel it had more to do with her checking out the hot dudes there.. ;).. the first sight of the church will stay with me for life.. The arches.. the huge piano.. the wooden benches..the beautiful Christmas tree.. decorated with ribbons, and the imposing structure of Jesus Christ… The childish curiosity waned away once I gew up.. and Christmas became a excuse to get up late and not go to office… its strange… when u step into the corporate life there is only one thing which excites you more than anything… its Sunday… ask anyone who is slogging his ass six days a week,.. and he will tell you how much u long for a Sunday .. and u keep looking at that desktop calendar from Thursday… counting down to the weekend.. life really revolves around it…

Anyway.. this time of the year is also of foggy mornings.. of getting up late during the winter vacations ( yeah.. in north we had 20 days of winter vacations.. it’s a luxury I no longer enjoy :) … of sipping hot coffee and hot pakoras… of sleeping in a quilt.. and making sure that all corners are tucked and not even one percent of your body is exposed to the chill… ask anyone staying in north.. the hardest task of the day is to get out of that quilt… aaaah!!

Winters was also about blazers…used to love turning up in them in them… we had this maroon blazer in school.. with the school and house logo emblazed on it.. (Cornwallis.. “Never Say Die”.. that was house name and motto) every year I would pester and cajole my dad into buying me a new blazer every year.. also.. the fact that my bro used to study in a different school helped!!..and I had this strange strange habit of keeping some thing or the other in my blazer pocket.. to have the joy of discovering it the next year :)

Winters was also about cricket.. ask any purist and they will tell ya.. that cricket was originally meant to be a winter game… in my boarding school the cricket season was from nov-march… and ask anyone who has played the game.. it’s the time when u really don’t wanna be in the way of the red cherry.. in winters it stings… and you really do wanna avoid the blues (pun intended).. so I had the perfect strategy to avoid it.. I let others bat …
And now I am in the city of dreams.. and here I am .. sitting in shorts and a tshirt… typing away.. my mom just called… she told me that today the fog cleared at 1 pm and the sunset kicked in at 5!!!!

What times… what nostalgia …


And before I forget.. Merry Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho ;)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Friendship… love… relationships…the equations… emotions… family… work…. Everything in between….

What am I looking for… where am I going… where is life taking me? What are my desires.. limitations… am I self aware…

Why am I one in a crowd…. Kya paya.. kya kho gaya… who are the people who matter in my life… life is a roller coaster… then why am I not getting the upper crest of it…

Is money important ?? wht am I looking for? Personal satisfaction?? Money?? Or creative freedom….

In this world of material instincts… why am I looking for love… do I have love… yes… but is the love I am looking for always there for me?

The clock ticks away.. the mundane routine of life remains…. What am I looking for….

Uff… why is life so complex… I think I need a getaway… maybe I am thinking too much… maybe things are not that bad… why am I always a pessimist??? Is it fair to expect everything you want outta life?? Then why is it that some people get everything they want in their lives served on a silver platter while some have to slog for every bit of happiness…

sorry guys.. too much happening inside my brain rite now

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dripping Money...

Just came across this article in TOI Today... its about the world's costiest cocktail... with an astonishing cost of Rs. 13.something lakhs for a glass!!!

These days people have astonishing amount of money... n more than that.. an appetite to spend it!! The attitude earlier was "I will save for a better tommorow".. but its slowly changing to "I will spend for a better today"..

But imagine... the uber rich who splurge so much on a glass of cocktail.. if the same money went to an FD of a poor family.. supporting it.. feeding it... wouldnt it have been worth it...????

anyways.. would like to know from fellow bloggers though.. whats the max. amount they have splurged on themselves... i will start with myself.. its a measly 10K for my cellphone... thats it!

go on guys... out with it!