Sunday, October 28, 2007

What were u trying Mr. kashyap??

Yes... you guys have guessed it rite... I am one of the few unfortunate souls who have been subject to a gnuine torture called No smoking... and guys.. trust me.. i am yet to recover..

Now my friends say thats i am the biggest movie buff around and i find 99.99% of movies fantabulous.. and that, unfortunately is true...

But this one movie falls in the 0.01% category.. now dont get me wrong here.. i am not your typical movie buff here.. i actually eat, breathe and sleep ( well not sleep.. ahem... how can someone slep with movies??) movies of all genre.. i actually like movies like shabd (Mr. Dutt and Mrs. Bacchan Jr.) , like Babel... which were abstract to say the least and yet captivated me..

and quite honestly.. i went to see this movie ( with 4 other friends... and u can imagine my plight considering i recommended this movie) keeping in mind the abstract theme ... but there is a difference between showing your imaginative genius to the world and taking the audience to a ride... thats exactly what Mr. Kashyap has done.. cant believe this is the man who gave us Black Friday..

Can i have my 170 bucks back!!!

and btw.. i am going to Jab We Met tonite ... anyone interested???

and oh.. pass the popcorn please...


Scarlett said...

"No Smoking", and you're still alive. Congratulations. That by itself is quite a milestone. Jab We Met is much better. Nothing earth shattering, but quite a nice timepass. Kareena's lost weight n looking gorgeous.

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@ Scarlett: Yeah! i survived to post.. he he..

Yeah Jab We Met was good.. i like Mauja Mauja.. its my caller tune these days :)