Saturday, November 15, 2008

Train memoirs . .

I read somewhere once . . If you want to see a snapshot of india..
Take a ride in its trains.. And its true.. Trains have been as
integral part of my growing up as anything could be.. My earliest
memories are of summer holidays.. Every year in may the entire family
would pack.. Actually over pack and make sure every possible calamity
was factored in! We used to travel sleeper class. Ac travelling was a
luxury and was avoided. Mom would make yummy puris n aloo ki sabzi and
choicest homemade pickles. It was a hearty meal :) and years without
fail. . That was the train menu. . That was an age without
distractions called cell phones and ipods. . So we had ludo and uno.
It was uninterrupted family bonding time over ludo. . Dad would cheat
like crazy and me and sis would keep a check on him. . But somehow i
guess he always managed to fool us. . He ALWAYS won!
travelling was also about making friends .. It never took long . . And
the kids would play antakshari and quite literally bring the house
down! :)
times have changed today. . Today i am travelling ac . . Listening to
music on my phone.. And blogging!
magar mujhko lauta do bachpan ka saawan. . The kid in me in alive and
kicking! :)

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The homecoming. .

A wise man once said. . There is no place like home. . Home is where the heart is. . And its not merely about brick and mortar. . Its about the care,love and nurturing which the individuals residing in it bring to it. Really, home is where the heart is. Now, i have been out of home for ten odd years . . And yet everytime i go.. The feeling of being enveloped behind the doors of your home . . The reassurance of being people who are with you selflessly all these years. . Family. . Relatives. . Nothing can quite replace that. .

Its been one year since i last went home. .But i am off next week. But this homecoming is going to be a special one. . My bro and sis are flying down from america . . And after twelve odd years. . My entire family will be together. This one is for the album :) . .yes. . The homecoming beckons.