Tuesday, January 27, 2009


A few days back, i was on my way from B'lore to Mumbai in an early morning flight, it was real cold,cloudy and drizzling, but fortunately, the flight did take off on time. Now, i am this early morning person (blame it on my love for dilli, which is amazing early winter mornings), and so instead of dozingg off, i was looking outta the window, as the plane slowly took momentum and lept for the clouds.
In some time, i just couldnt see a thing, quite obvious, you will say. But then, the plane slowly gained more height and soon the brightness and warmth of the early morning sun had taken over the gloom and darkness.
I just thought, all the problems which i am facing right now are just that! Gloom, darkness, and never ending....
and all i need to do now.. is take a momentum, and leap...
sunshine ahead!