Friday, June 22, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Random Day

1. I am Bored, in office . Period.
2. I want to change my job. Asap.
3. Today I get to go outta office at one! yes yes yes!!! J
4. I just read a beautiful blog… of a fellow blogger… trust me.. the most beautiful things in life are the ones which we take for granted… and worry for the stupid intricacies of life.
5. Everyone hates Himesh "torture" Reshammiya… but cant be amazed at the thought that inspite of this fact .. every where its his music that plays… ( ps- I loved his music in Namastey London).
6. I am feeling alone.
7. I really feel that there is a need for me to prune down the number of friends I have. I Have too many… sounds bad… but it’s a fact (hey that rhymes!!)
8. I want to have pizza…
9. I am missing a friend… really am.
10. I hate the fact that I am so senti… but yet I feel that its my biggest strength.. "I FEEL"
11. I love my parents.
12. I am wondering what they will get for me from usa J
13. Two of my very very close friends are getting married … I am so happy for them.. touché!
14. I am wondering …. is it possible for someone to have more than one best friend???
15. I wonder when I will get my first comment!!! J
16. I want to reduce… and very soon too…
17. Tomorrow is Saturday … yayayay!!!!

Adios Amigos!!


sparrow said...

first comment...just to make u feel u wonder:)

on second thought.....nice blog
keep writing:)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@ sparrow -- thank u ji! encouragement is like testosterone...

will blog more :)

Shruti said...

hmm, random are just random..They wont stay for long in Mind..

well, i really like it..
Take care

gunj said...

u can hav as many best friends as u wish to!

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@ shruti-- Random stuff happens when the mind is all empty and all sorts of stuff ( sometimes super crap) enter into it... :)

@gunj- yeah... but then best friends have to be special... and if u have too many special friends .. then whats so special abt them .. ;).. confused you??

bugger said...

im gonna sue u for that yayayayay!
copycat copycat!!