Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A New Beginning...

After a long hiatus, i am back on my blog...a lot has happened. Starting with the single biggest event in my life so far.. i got married.

Its a life changing event, if there was ever one. I dont think i have managed to understand the responsibility and the change that it has/will bring to my life.

In a matter of months, my life has changed from a independent bachelor to a family man. Not that i think i miss it. I think i have taken it like fish to water. Many a times i have heard my friends, relatives etc warning ( read cribbing) me that life changes after marriage and that i should enjoy my life to the fullest before the D day, but i dont think i am missing anything.

One thing i was definitely not used to, was being taken care of so much. For a guy who's been out of home for last 12 years, marriage has bought with it stability, care and some much needed love.

I could now go on and start about how wonderful my spouse is.. and how she's the best wife ever. But i will hold my thoughts. She knows what she means to me and she's made my life beautiful. Thanks a lot D, for everything you do for me .. everyday.

Its a new beginning, and a beautiful one at that.

Now Playing in my head: Tumko dekha to yeh khayal aaya... zindagi dhoop tum ghana saaya...

Loving life.. in the city of dreams..


Shivz said...

She is one lucky gal....touchwoood....cheers to the beautiful couple!!!

Gunj said...