Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Necessary Evil - Faking it!

If I were to tell you… that I am wearing a Calvin Klein Perfume , Tommy Hilfiger watch, A bulchee Belt, and just now played a session of Angry Birds on my new Ipad 2. What would you probably deduce? What a show off! I wouldn’t blame you for it, the era of consumerism merits such a reaction.

Today’s world is all about being “in”, either you are with it, or you are out of it. Every where I look, I find that we are sub consciously enveloping ourselves in brands. So much so... that we do not picture the object, we picture the brand associated with the object. Classic cases are brands like apple, mango and pears. (Once upon a time, they were merely fruits!)

 Every Marketing manager will tell you… that a brand has to “aspire”, it has to invoke the feeling of desire to such an extant that you find yourself making the purchase decision. Whether you need it or not, is immaterial. But what I find intriguing is that we, the new age consumers of these brands, have stopped the reasoning and the logic associated with making a purchase decision.

 Ask yourself a question, how many times you purchased something not because you needed it, but because you wanted it. Our parents always reason with us about how they had limited means and they learnt the benefits of savings, the fruits of which they are reaping even now. I have always felt such a comparison is baseless. The disposable income of an individual has gotten divided into trillions of avenues. The needs are not limited to food, clothing and shelter anymore.

 I read this somewhere… Money won’t help you in your sad times, but somehow its more comfortable crying in a Mercedes than in a bicycle.


Shivz said...

Extremely true...Values are fast getting fast replaced by greed and need to have bigger and better belongings...sigh...realityy bites!!!

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Nehru jacket said...

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Rick Macherat said...

Rahul, your blog was next to mine tonight, so I stopped and read some.

I am so grateful to be OUT now as opposed to IN. Every day, some new thing comes along that I have no clue about. The old me would have dug in to This Place to find out everything about it. The new me doesn't care. It took a long tome to get there.