Thursday, May 21, 2009

what if??

I just hope that someday when i look back to all these years gone by... i dont end up with a big question of what if....

What if.. i had taken some decisions in my life without thinking about the consequences?
What if.. I had taken some time out and introspected about my own self?
What if.. I had not gone out of my way for some people ( and regretted it later)?
What if.. I had made some choices while i still could?

Its human nature.. isnt it? We take decisions, we make mistakes, we repent, we move on..
A friend of mine is on crossroads of her life right now... I just told her right now.. make the decision which you wont repent later... no matter what.

Bolna aasan hai.. karna mushkil.

Btw... i am crazy.. isnt it?? no posts for six months and suddenly two in one day!!

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