Saturday, March 29, 2008

neekuben's tag

A - Available?
Oh yeah.. and looking… :) .. come on guys.. atleast appreciate my honesty!
B - Best Friend
The guy who sticks b your side when you want to be left alone… so basically a pain in the a**.. and I do have some of them :) .. so guys .. continue being a pain.. he he he!
C - Cake or Pie
Cake!Black Forest ! :)
D - Drink of Choice
Bloody Mary/Long Island Iced Tea… wooo… makes me a bad boy!
E – Essential thing(s) used every day
Cellphone n Ipod..
F – Favourite Colour
Blue… absolutely no competition here.. I am blue da da de da da da ….
G – Gummi Bears or Gummi Worms
Ki farak painda hai :)
H – Hometown
Moradabad… … check it out if u wanna know more :)
I – Indulgence
In food.. has to be Dark Tempations at Barista.. otherwise its perfumes.. right now my eyes are set on "Dark Code" by Armani.. its heavenly…
J – January or February
February!! Less number of days to work… plus the salary comes in a lot quicker ;)....
K – Kids and Names
Kids.. yeah.. kabhi to honge hi… but yeah I know I will be a fab. father… ekdam a1 quality… and yeah.. I do have a (prospectove)name… Arjun.. I dunno.. I like this name a lot…
L – Life
Zindagi… kaisi hai paheli hai… kabhi ye hasae.. kabhi ye rulaye..
M – Marriage
The next big thing to happen in my life..
N – Number of siblings
One brother and one sister.. I am the youngest of the lot… I have nicknamed by sister as "Hitler".. for obvious reasons :)
O –Oranges or Apples
Apples.. crunchy.. Juicy.. yummmm….
P – Phobia
Aqua Phobia!
Q – Quote
"Har pal yahaan.. ji bhar jeeyo.. jo hai samaa.. kal ho na ho"
R - Reason to Smile
A phone call or an sms.. or maybe India winning the match… I smile at the simplest of reasons..
S – Season
Winter.. ask any north Indian and he will tell ya that.. nothing beats having a hot cup of coffee n pakode.. tucked in a warm quilt ;)
T – Tag people
U – Unknown fact about me
I have amazing amazing handwriting.. and I love flaunting it :)
V – Vegetable you do not like
Karela… W – Worst Habit
Biting Nails…
X-rays you have had.
Ahem… Groin!
Y – Your favourite food
Pizza, Paav bhaji, Khaman Dhokla,Undhiyu, Chicken Augratin.. with Garlic Bread.. yummy!
Z – Zodiac
Pisces ( Born Romantics!!)


gunj said...

bade aadmi...dark code...indulgence n all that...hum garrebon par bhi nazar daal re;)

long ice tea to aise likha hai jaise bachpan se peeta tha...mujhe credits kab milenge??grrrr!
thoda diffrnt attempt hai...kewl on d whole!
chal abhi bak to gtalk ;)

Solitaire said...

I have amazing handwriting too.
You like khaman and undhiyu?
Are you gujju or non gujju?
Marriage? Really? Available ho phir bhi marriage fatafat ho jayegi?

Neeku said...

Shabaash :D Finally you do the honors to excute the Tag.

Shu Vaat che! Shu lakhiyu che!

Anyways, you from Moradabad... thats cool! never been there but checked out the link and its seems to be a really nice place.

Anne kevo gujarati che.... February game che... I agree you work less in feb... but then you also get paid less in this month!

And my fav also khaman and dhokla :D

And regarding naming your kid Arjun... thats a really nice name. :D hope someday you will do that too... and since you are single ...already to mingle... yeh tamanna pan puri thai jashe :D

Really enjoyed reading your Tag :)

divya said...

ARJUN...yeh tho maine apne bete ke liye select karke rakha hai...i've been in love with that name for years...ek dum se tumhara tag padke i was taken aback.

ur so much like me elephant :) loved reading this :) and i already did this tag :)

freesherry said...

don't tell me u r a piscean
piscean guys are the bestest guys in the world :D

PS: my dad's a piscean :)

SambY said...

B - Best Friend
The guy who sticks b your side when you want to be left alone… so basically a pain in the a**.. and I do have some of them :) .. so guys .. continue being a pain.. he he he!

Lolz.. gr8 man... nicely done..:-)

Friendly nextdoor guy said...

the goods is yours the blogs!!
i the likes!

Anjuli said...

Arjun...I love this name too! na...I don't like winters, I am a north Indain and still saying so!

Oh...I so love ppl who have good handwriting! I have worked real hard on mine too :-)

and I love Kreal especially when my mom cooks it!

d SINNER!!! said...

nicely done...

mast che!!!

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@gunj: abe oye... maine tag kiya hai tujhe isme.. usse kar..

@Solitaire: *same pinch*.. arre me gujju only re.. i thought u knew by now!! and yeah.. i am total undhiyu lover esp. the muthiya in it.. he he :)
and i am perenially available :)

@neekuben: :) thank u thank u :)oye.. i dont get paid any less in feb.. fultu salary.. :)

@Divvu: :) .. i take that as a compliment.. elephant.. hmmmm :)

@Freesherry: best in the world.. well.. wo to main hoon :) ... yupp.. piscean i am!

@Samby: Thanks dude :) welcome here!

@nextdoorguy: i the thanks the you :) thanksssss

@Anjuli: OOH!! guest appearance :)
haan actually even i like karela.. but only when its karela bharma... yummmm!!! :)

@sinner: he he ;) not bad!!!

Neeku said...

Fultu salary ... to pachi kai vandho nai :)

Mez said...

I like Pav Bhaaji too. M for soon??

Solitaire said...

Oh I love muthiyas too!!! And I did not know that you were gujju. Seriously!

And so many girls here like the name Arjun. Pick one of these and get married. No conflicts when the boy is born. :)

freesherry said...

I am holding a little party in my shoutbox tomorrow
A great way to have fun and get to know other bloggers.. food, booze, dance and loads and loads of gappein :D
for oodles of masti and bucketsful of fun be there!!!
for timings check my blog

and yes, invite as many of your blogger friends as you can..
spread the word!!!
hope to see you guys in my shoutbox tomorrow!!
take care :)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Neekuben: :)

@Mez: Nahi re.. abhi to meri khelne koodne ki umar hai!!

@Solitiare: oh yeh?? pack off one here in india.. he he!!

@Freesherry: will try!! :)

Anjuli said...

guest appearance?