Monday, April 7, 2008

Make That Move!

Last night I was watching this talk show on "NDTV Good Times" , and the topic was if its ok for women to make a first move.
If you ask me, I think its high time they started doing that! I am just writing down a guy's perspective here. Think about it.. in most cases this is what happens-
A guy, willing to express his intentions (and emotions) towards his lady love, spends sleepless nights and plans endlessly to make "the moment" a perfect one. He waits for the opportune time and place for it, and after accumulating all the ions of guts and courage inside him.. pops the question…
.. Now imagine the state if he gets rejected. not only is it a big blow to the poor fella's ego and self esteem.. his confidence takes a beating too.. and the first question he asks himself is "What's wrong with me!!! ". Ofcourse, I am not talking about the Romeo's who will happily shrug it off and move on to the next "target".

Obviously, in their defense the gals say that if a girl approaches a guy and asks him out .. she is immediately labeled as "fast" and "easy".

My big question is .. why should men have to bear this suffering while the gals just get away with a "no".
We are talking about a gender-equal world, aren’t we? so lets have a role reversal for a change girls.. let guys have all the pampering from you.. after ages of pampering YOU.. they sure deserve it… give them that "care" and the feeling that "they" are special to you all..
Anyone game enough? Will anyone of ladies reading this go ahead and take that step?


MiNi said...

Well-o-Well... This time round I dont exactly agree with you as far as ur question over the "gender equality" is concerned. For God Sake Rahul, luv is beyond all such "political dogmas"
It really doesnt matter as to who is talking the plunge (first), what matters is how thoughtful he/she is before such an act.You guys surely deserve all the pampering n coddling ; irrespective of the fact you ask first or you dont ask at all :P

gunj said...

i already did dat dude!!
n i had no qualms bout it!
i said it as if i was saying another damn thing!
wasnt difficlt at all!
i wonder y ppl say its difficlt!
coz wen ure sure of wat u want, words just come out!effortlessly!

gunj said...

waise i think ive been a lil lucky too in terms of d guy!:)

Mez said...

No No No!!!!

Will guys do teh cleanin of teh loo is the bai doesn't come?

Will guys clean the shit pants of baby if the mom is also ard?

Will guys cook 365 days a year and let gal watch a movie while hez handling household chores?

Ok now..i shut up cauz u just cant lie here to get my point defeated.Lol

Rahul some things shud neva be questioned or rather forecefully changed..let the implied remain that way :) Chill n take this wid a pinch of reality check + black salt.

Solitaire said...

Oh!! I do not believe that girls have not already started taking that step!! I myself took that step a decade ago, (in school..hehehe)! But one thing I don't think I can give up...being proposed to one knee with a Tiffany in one hand.

Neeku said...

I agree with solitaire... I don't think either I can bent of one knew with a solitiare in one hand...

Ee Kharcho to Chokra eej udhadvo pade ;)

but one a serious note... I agree... If I really like someone and he is bit of a shy types I would initiate and sort of give him a hint hint... sort of at least make a first move to talk and sort initiate... but then after that ... the ball is in his court :)

BTW... which disney princess would you like to be with ? (since I am back with my latest post!)

freesherry said...

:O :O :O
u think guys don't get pampered
*wake up call for rahul!!*
buddy guys just have to pamper girls till they say yes.. once they do, it is the girl who cares abt the guy, pampers him no end and doesn't stop thinking abt him no end
I think girls do deserve to be pampered just a little bit in the beginning to make for the rest :D

Ashu said...

hey u so expecting some girl going ahead and proposing you :))

kidding, i m back to be serious. i know i know the background, dont you ?

kya farak padta he who takes first step ? girl or boy ? doesnt matter, finally it boils down to how good the chemistry between the 2 is after the things go to the next level.

isnt it ?

Anjuli said...

been there, done that!

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Mini: Oye puttar main love ki to baat hi nahi kar raha.. i am simply talking about making that first move... be it in friendship... or a relationship... whatever..

but yeah i agree with the pampering n coddling part though.. we do deserve it!

@Gunj: arre tu to exception hai re.. infact agar tu propose nahi karegi to wo abnormal hoga ;)

and yeah.. tindz should read the second comment of yours :)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...


ans 1: yeah! ( have seen my bro do it)

ans 2: yeah! (again.. bro!!)

and 3: not valid in today's times.. its the bai who does all the cooking.. hello.. we are in the days of working women rite? and yeah guys also help oput in household chores.. dont say they dont!!

and that.. Mezie... is the actual reality check!! :)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@ solitaire: you said it yourself gal!! one move in ten years... aint it few n far in between.. and dont tell me u didnt get anyone worthy enough in ten years!!

tame pan!!

kayi nai.. jo.. why do girls step back after that hint?? bcoz iin case u gals didnt know it already ... 9 outta 10 times we guys dont understand it.. baddhu hints explicitly joye!!!

and yeah.. Ariel would do just fine ;)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Freesherry: Yaar to an extent i agree with u... but still.. the care and pampering which a guy does for a gal is much much more than otherwise..

@Ashu: koi farak nai painda.. but yaar main diagnosis ki baat kar raha hoon aur aap solution pe direct pahuch gaye... solution to accha hai hi... :)

@Anjuli: Really? ;) who? when? how? where? :)

rahul said...

completely agree with my namesake......

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Mez said...

What about foreign countries where there are no bais or people who can't afford full-time maids. Ahh c'mon

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Rahul: AAH! Finally!!! thanks dude :) welcome to my blog!

@Mezie: They have washing machines/microwaves/laundry... :)

Cant beat me!

Ferrin B said...

just in this matter, i really dont think "gender equality" should play a roll, y'know?

nice blog u have catchin up on posts :D
take care..

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Ferrin: Yeah! i agree too :)

Welcome to my blog n keep coming :)