Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Helloz everyone,
Its been quite a long time since i blogged, which is surprising in itself, its funny how things turn out to be... when i had no access to blogging in my previous job, i used to itch to blog everyday... and now when i have all of that i am out of words!!
I just lost a very close friend, Gaurav Datta, who was my buddy, my bro, he meant a lot to me. There comes a time in everyone's life when we are so out of words, nothing we can say or write can probably match what the heart is feeling... Gaurav's death has shocked me beyond words.. and to think that he was only 26, he suffered a heart attack!!!
Guys, when i broke this news to my friends, i just said one thing to everyone... and i will just repeat this everyone reading this blog.. , please take care of your lifestyle. Eat well, at the right time, go easy on the booze n the dope and just sleep well...
I am finally starting to enjoy my new job... the work culture, the people,the late nights, the work itself... i am loving it here! :)
Its been a long time since i went home... and i am starting to miss it... and as things stand right now, i will not be going for diwali as well..
Amongst other stuff... Ganguly just announced his retirement.. gosh.. imagining the game without characters like him is tough.. and its because of him that Team India is what it is right now!
You will be missed dada! Well Played!


lukkydivz said...

whats with these not-so-regular updates on ur life? i know there's a lot in ur mind :P blog about it ;)

Think Tank said...

u guyz1 y is dada goin such blogmaking newz ..he was goin neway

shy said...

v all gotta take care of ourselves..

totally gonna miss dada. :(. my fav :D