Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jaane tu..

Life suddenly changed in last few days.. The last straw of hope is now
gone. I am so shocked that even after two days its yet to sink in.
Such is life.. Jo chaho wo agar mil jaye to wo zindagi hi kya. Bas.
Its enough for me now.. No more falling in love business for me.. No
more striving for love. Stay tuned. Someone has just lost his faith in

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prIncEss said...

hmmm... not hunting for LOVE ? *tongue poppin'*

lukkydivz said...

everything happens for a reason :) am sure the best is yet to come for motu :) keep ur faith in love :)

Shy said...

Keep on keepin on :)

Keep smiling n keep faith. What's life without it?

Think Tank said...

nother broken heart in blogville ...casualties badhti hi ja rahi hain

Bubbly Vodka said...

Shite happens. Such is life. But don't lose hope. That is what keeps the world spinning.