Saturday, May 10, 2008

Here and Now... The India Story

I have been really tied up lately (quite thankfully), the bank that i work in in going in for a new ad agency selection.. so the best of the best , namely Ogilvy & Mather, McCann Erickson, Dentsu, have presented their views on my bank and how to take it forward and the advertising strategy for it.

And so yours truly has had the pleasure of listening to likes of Prasoon Pandey( The man behind the Hutch-Vodafone Pug Ad and many more..) enlighten me which more marketing and brand related knowledge than i did in two years of MBA.
But why am i writing all this here?? because there was something common in all the 12 agencies that pitched in.. they all related by bank with the growing India story.. and the youth... and yes.. we live in fascinating times.. the time of the young and the 'restless' India.. an India which wants everything here and now.. an India which is buzzing with activities.. everyday is bringing up new opportunities and new achievements.. Tata taking up Corus is old news.. the new news is Bharti gobbling up MTN.. The IPL is the buzzword around the world... This is the time of the youth.. the salaries of young India are reaching never before levels... Makes me Proud.. who wants to go to U S of A?
oh.. and US of A reminds of Dubyaman.. who recently had the balls to blame India's "rising consumption pattern" as a reason for spiralling oil prices and hence the global recession. Yes Mr. Bush, for years we have let you have the best of everything, 'export' quality spices, fruits, condiments .. and have settled for the second or third best in everything.. Its time we turned the tables... and thats literally has had you shitting in your pants..

Its India Time dude... wait n watch!!


gunj said...

u knw what...this to me is another you...smbdy i dint knw of...n nw u wait n watch hw much im gonna bug you with my views!!:P
great post! v exciting to me actually!:D

gunj said...

i am kinda obsessed with this marketting in restless india:D will tell ya more...ofcoz u knw hw!:P

jan said...

hey u hrd of condoleeza 'rice' complaining abt food shortage in the US of A as asians now hv more food on their tables??

btw, wud u mind if i blogroll u?

RADhika said...

good to read this... :)

in fact, nowadays this trend of staying back in india for whatsoever reason is a refreshing change, dont' u think? oh and have you read "World is Flat'? do read it!

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Gunj: There is a lot more to me that you dont know.. and yeah would love to talk to you about this ;) keep exploring :)

@Jan: Of course yar be my guest :).. and yeah i did read what rice said.. well they also have to keep making such statements to stay in news right?

@Radhika: yeah!! and thats a part of the india story.. i do wanna read that book but really short of time to read.. i have three books pending.. waiting to be read :(

Aung said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aung said...

Oops, accidental delete. Nice post BTW. Just came across your blog as I was browsing.

So who won the pitch?

rantravereflect said...

wowwww :)
yehhh, ya can see tat in most ads,,
like teh 'yeh hai youngistaan meri jaan'

n ofcourse, tv programming and conceptualisation of tv content is also hotblodded n young..
(roadies/get gorgeous/isuperstar/etcetera)

the country pulsates with youthfulness, n it's a ruddy good time we're having out here..

who cares about 'going abroad' other than for a vacation??!

we've got it all here :):)

n yeh, lezz see how ya bank ad comes out!

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@aung: welcome to my blog :)

and when the big daddy himselg comes for the pitch.. there is only one result.. O & M all the way!

@rantravereflect: :) dont have too many high hopes on the ad.. the mind sets are pretty stuck here :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

India's Shaining.. Its clearly seen. Nice post and a nice blog as well. Will be back to read more :)

Mishti said...

vroooooom! ekdum phod daala! keep up the good work, nd the enthu - fulltime! :-)

Ashu said...

good perspective made out here :)) but not everything abt India is good esp with where the society is heading ;)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@shalini: Thanks a ton! Welcome to my blog ;)

@Mishti: :) .. thanks mishti doi..

@Ashu: Yeah.. i agree to that... the two murder cases for example.. makes you question the fundamentals on which the society is based..

Anonymous said...

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