Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Common Lines after getting get DRUNK!!

This came to me as a forward and I cant help but share it with you all... Enjoy this Guys... :).. and lets see if any of you can add more to it based on your personal "experiences"--
Common lines after people got drunk…

1. Tu to Mera bhai hai… ( Gotta confess... i have said this!!)

2.You know i am not drunk...

3. Gaadi mai Chalaunga…

5. Tu bura mat manna bhai…

6. Mai teri Dil Se Izzat Karta hu…

7. Abe bol daal aaj usko, aar yaa paar....

8. Aaj saali Chad nahi rahi hai kya bat hai…

9. Tu Kya samajh raha hai mujhe chad gayi hai…

10. Ye mat samajh ki piye me bol raha hu…

11.Abe yaar kahin kam to nahi padegi itnee...

12. Chhote, Ek Ek Chhota aur ho Jae…

13. Baap ko mat Sikha.

14. Yaar magar tune mera dil tod diya...

15. Kuchh bhi hai par saala Bhai hai Apna…

16. Tu Bolna Bhai, kya chahiye…Jaan chahiye hazir hai ???

17.Abe mere ko aaj tak nahi Chadee...shart laga saala aaj tu..

18. Chal teri baat karata hoon usse, phone number de uska...

19 . Yaar aaj uski bahut yaad aa rahi hai.




gunj said...

ptrrrrrr to u fo posting dat beauty!! :P

d SINNER!!! said...

i hav hrd almost al o them...but when my frnds weret drunk...nd i always knew they were lying...


RADhika said...

hehehehehehe.... i was laughing a lot while reading... # 9 and 10 is the most commonly heard, at least by me... :) and i gues some people just laugh after they are drunk.. they go way past these lines...:))

btw,blog updated..

Sam said...

agree with all of this esp the 1st one ;)) good blog dude

Ashu said...

good ones

Princess Mia said...

good ones mate....infact while we r at this lemme post a relevant fw i got today

After an International Beer Conference in London, all the world's top brewery bosses decide to go out for a beer together.

The Chairman of Budweiser says, "I'd like the most refreshing beer in the world, 'The King Of Beers': give me a Budweiser."

The bartender takes a bottle from the shelf and opens it for him.

The Chairman of Guinness says, "I'd like the only beer in the world worth really, truly waiting for: give me a Guinness."

The bartender serves him. The Chairman of HEINEKEN says, "I would like the world's best beer, drunk in more countries than any other: give me a HEINEKEN."

He gets it.

Vijay Mallya sits down, looks around and says, "Just give me a Coke."

The bartender looks at him, shrugs, and serves him.

The other brewery bosses laugh loudly and say, "Hey Vijay, how come you aren't drinking a KINGFISHER?"

"Listen," says Vijay Mallya, "If you guys aren't drinking beer, neither will I.

Neeku said...

really ... my friends never get drunk so don't know if they would say all this...

most of them seems to out of Bolly dialogues !

Bubbly Vodka said...

come on yaar, ek aur ho jaye!

Ashu said...

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Beauty and the BEast said...

Ok confession time (though I am coming here for the first time, cant resist this):

I have used the line : You know I am not drunk - more often than I have wanted to!!

Some more than I can add:

Yaar beer toh paani jaise hain! Kuch HARD ho jaye?

Peene ke baad na insaan sach bolta hai...

Sach yaar, tension ke ek hi dava hai..

Peekar mein sab kuch bhula dena chahta hoon!

Bill kaun bharega?


Loved being here!!

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Gunjia: :) Thenx beauty ... for appreciating da beast :)

@D Sinner: i tell ya... pee kar insaan hamesha sach bolta hai :)

@Radhika: Yeah.. he reactions are extreme... either they laugh or they cry.. :)

Have read n commented on your blog.. aati raha kar..

@Sam: Thanks Dude :)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Ashu: :)

@Mia: LOLLLLZZZZ!!!! Good one gurl!!

@Neekuben: Arre many times real life imitates reel life ..

@Bubbly Vodka: :) he he he... there is always room for one more isnt it... Cheers... loved your name :)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Ashu: Aaaah!! there were go again... tujhe pata hai ki mere crushes ka kya ho raha hai...

@Beauty n da beast: some real good ones :) lagta hai bahut experience hai ;)..

Thanks for the appreciation.. keep coming :)

lavender tulips said...

Lol, this post is awesome! I can't stop smiling!! =) =)
I've heard so many versions of these...such good memories! And I clearly remember using a) tu mera bhai hai b) main teri dil se izzat karti houn & my own c) yaar, ur such a good friend, i really love u! and lasty & sadly d) usne mujhe kyun choda!!! *tear in eye*

g-man said...

lol nice are a few i've come across while drinkin wit da gang :D

1. i'm not drunk *walks around the room once* i'm not drunk *walks around the room again* i'm not drunk

2. i'm drunk *walks around* i'm drunk *walks around* i'm drunk

3. ok what do i have to do to prove to you that i'm not drunk?

4. this bloody line on the floor isn't straight...

5. *puts a fag inside his mouth without lighting it and takes a puff* where'd all the smoke go?

o yea, and someone always puts the fag inside his mouth the wrong way and tries to light the filter :)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Lavender Tulips: Yeah!! heard the third point before.. thats the "senti stage" of drinking.. :)

Welcome to my space :)

@G Man: he he he ;) ... too good boss ;) the best of the lot!


g-man said...

woohoo, another round for everyone. its on me!!! lets forgot. who bloody cares? whee!

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

free ki mat pila mehengi padegi ;)

lavender tulips said...

Hahahaha, good advice there for G-man Rahul! =)
I agree with G-man too, I can't remember how many times I've probably tried to light the filter & choked & I hate when I get in that 'sentimental' stage ofbeing drunk. It's usually when I get video'd!! Embarassing!!
BTW Rahul, I really really really like that picture on the header of your blog. Is that bombay?

Vartika said...

Familiar sounding lines...
esp. the bhai ones...
"bhai ye to bhai hai..."
my friends even called a shark toy "bhai" once!

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Lavender: Yup! thats Bombay (aka mumbai) alright.. its marine drive.. and this photo depicts whats known as "the queen's necklace" :)

@Vartika: I only hope ur friend didnt call his/her gf/bf as a bhai/behan ;)

lavender tulips【ツ】 said...

I didn't know it was called the queen's necklace. It looks beautiful, gonna have to come check it out sometime! :)

Realistic me... said...

Soo true!! My friends either say things like these or start crying. :)

aluchaat said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha
'main teri dil se izzat karta hoon' is the BEST

Anjuli said...


Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

@Tulips: Yupp.. the Marine Drive area is something to be seen at night!

@Realistic: I still wonder why people cry after boozing! is itn the guilt???

@Aluchaat: he he ;) welcome!

@anjuli: thanks :)

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